New JDPC range rules

JDPC has implemented a club specific set of range rules.  The rules have been posted on our containers at the range, and will apply to all future shoots. 


Range rules

In addition to the JMPD Range rules visible at the entrance, the following rules shall be complied with by each and every SADPA member at all IDPA and SADPA DMG shoots, hosted on this range:

  • This is a Cold range – unload you firearm in hot box before entering the range. Exceptions – JDPC Exco and working safety officers will carry hot.
  • No shooter shall be permitted to partake in a match without signing the attendance register / indemnity form and any shooter who did not register prior to the day of the match, shall not be permitted to shoot the match.
  • All shooters and spectators MUST wear eye and ear protection.
  • In the absence of indicated MUZZLE SAFE POINTS, the 180 degree muzzle safe rule applies.
  • Any shots into steel, props or range equipment within two (2) yards of the shooter shall result in an immediate Disqualification. Unless a target is placed closer than two (2) yards, that specific target cluster is excluded from this rule.
  • All firearms/rifles to be carried unloaded, holstered or in a suitable bag that covers the entire firearm/rifle.
  • The muzzle of the firearm may break the berm, but any shots over the berm shall result in an immediate Disqualification.
  • The only DMG Shotgun ammunition allowed on steel is No. 6, No. 7, No. 8. No. 9 shot. Any other/bigger shot is deemed unsafe and shall result in a Disqualification from the match.
  • No rifle shall discharge any tracer, explosive, incendiary or armor piercing ammunition. This shall result in an immediate Disqualification from the match.
  • The Match Directors decision is final on all JDPC club shoots.
  • No foul language or conduct unbefitting of a SADPA member will be tolerated on this range and such behaviour will result in a Disqualification from the match and be reported as such to SADPA.