IDPA 2017 rules

The updated “simplified” IDPA rules have been released and will apply to all future shoots.

To download the rules please click here and look for the “2017 Rule Book” link in the top right-hand corner. For a summary of the changes (which is a shorter read) please click here.

Key changes to the rules include:

  • Each point down adds 1 second to your time (instead of half a second previously).
  • The FTN penalty no longer exists.
  • A new Flagrant Penalty (FP) has been added, which is more severe than a PE but less severe than a FTDR.
  • Tactical sequence no longer exists.
  • Cover shall be indicated by physical fault lines (one per Position of Cover).
  • A smaller zero point down circle has been added to the target head, with the remainder of the head being scored -1.
  • Some equipment rules have changed.
  • The classifier has changed completely, but your current classification is unaffected.

Please remember that, according to the shooter code of conduct, it is your responsibility to maintain a working knowledge of the current IDPA rulebook.