IDPA Africa Champs

The 2017 IDPA Africa Champs will be taking place at JDPC/JMPD Roodepoort Range from 10th-13th August 2017.

The Safety Officers will shoot the pre-match on Thursday, 10th August and Friday, 11th August.
Competitors will participate on Saturday, 12th August and Sunday, 13th August.

The match will comprise of 16 Stages and will require approximately 240 rounds minimum.

Entry Requirements:
1. Fully paid up, SADPA affiliated club member.
2. Current classification for the division in which you are competing.
3. Must be a safe and competent shooter.
4. Must have competed in at least 2 Tier 2 or higher matches.
5. Must have competed in at least 1 Tier 2 or higher match in the past 12 months.
6. No sharing of firearms during this match.
7. A minimum of 5 magazines for the firearm with which you will compete.

Match fee is R650.00 per person and will include a catered meal on Sunday, 13th August, during which we will have the lucky draws, prize giving etc. Non-competitors attending the prize giving meal will be charged R150/person.

There will be catering on all 4 days of the match. Please note that there are no arrangements for special dietary requirements; those participants wanting special meals would need to make their own arrangements.

Please note that the number of entries accommodated depends on the number of Match Officials that will work the match. The entries will work on a first come first serve bases. The main match will be able to accommodate 208 competitors if a full group of Safety Officers are available.

Deadline for entries: 14 July 2017
Deadline for payments: 21 July 2017 (no payment will mean that the shooter will be withdrawn).

In addition to current IDPA rules, JDPC specific range rules will apply.

We require match officials for this match. Please send a separate email (listing your name and SADPA Number) to should you wish to apply to participate as a match official for the 2017 IDPA Africa Champs.

Please note that the following perks are on offer for successful SO applicants:
– 2017 IDPA Africa Champs match fee waived.
– Cash payment of R500/person for working SOs.
– 2018 SADPA Membership Fee waived.
– 2017 IDPA SO shirt for each working SO.
– Meals for all working SOs during the match.

Any queries can be sent to Paul Rogers ( / 0836422844).

Competitors will be able to squad themselves online once their registration has been received and vetted.

To register go to:

The JDPC Exco are hard at work speaking to sponsors for the match.
Please support the match sponsors accordingly.

More info to follow as soon as it becomes available!!


Update: click here to view the COFs