NSO (New Shooter Orientation)


The New Shooter Orientation (NSO) Program is an introduction to IDPA sport shooting.  All new members are required to write the on-line NSO exam before being allowed to attend a NSO and before they are allowed to participate in SADPA (including JDPC) shooting events. The issued NSO certificate must be produced at the NSO day.
In the NSO an exerienced Safety Officer (SO) will explain our rules and procedures, with a special focus on safety.  After a discussion of the theory, you will participate in a practical exercise and shoot your first Classifier. Only after the SO has witnessed that you are safe shooter, will you be allowed to participate in club (and other SADPA) shoots.
JDPC generally conducts NSOs every month or two.  To add your name to the JDPC NSO waiting list, please complete and submit the online form below.  If you joined JDPC via the online appliction on this website, your name is already be on our waiting list, so it is not necessary to submit the below form.
Once you are on the waiting list, a week or two prior to the next NSO a member of the Exco will email you to invite you to the event. 

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In preparation for the NSO, we recommend that you start to familarise yourself with the IDPA/SADPA rules: